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Quality -ISO 9001
Main advantages of new concept of HMVL Presses

Hydraulic press HMVL 75"
  • higher accuracy of mould guidance
  • outstanding energy savings during the curing process (28% at HMVL 63,5" and 40% at HMVL 75")
  • shortening of manipulation time by 18% provided by simultaneous process of dispatching of a cured tyre and loading of a green tyre
  • shortening of curing time
  • fluently regulated and controlled closing force
  • optimum matching of moulds is not affected by the size of closing force
  • horizontal position of segmental moulds also during press opening

  • semi-automatic adjusting of closing height during the change of moulds
  • better ecological and work conditions in consequence of removal the central grease lubrication and improved thermal insulation

  • high reliability and service life
  • easy and minimal maintenance in running
  • the conception enables the two-chamber design of presses of size 75"
  • the conception enables advantageous technical solution for presses of the largest sizes eg. Presses 100” and 130”

Hydraulic press HMVL 90"