About TS Plzen
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Hydraulic Presses

Presses belong among traditional products of TS Plzeņ. The first press was delivered from TS Plzeņ already in 1872. Up to now 1680 presses and hydraulic plants have been manufactured for various industrial applications both in Czech Republic and abroad, for e.g. steel pressing shops, heavy forging shops, building industry, food industry etc.

Hydraulic Forging Presses

  • CKV type closed die forging presses with pressing force 6,3 - 80MN
  • CKW type open die forging presses with pressing force 6,3 - 120 MN
  • Reconstruction and modernization of forging presses

Hydraulic Forging Press CKW 63 / 74 MN

Hydraulic Extrusion Presses

  • Presses of type CXT for the extrusion of tubes
  • Presses of type CXP for the extrusion of rods, bars, profiles and wires
  • Reconstructions and modernisations of existing extrusion presses

Hydraulic Extrusion Press CXT 16 MN (Al)

Special Hydraulic Presses

Special Hydraulic Presses are manufactured in a large variety designed for special purposes. TS Plzeņ is capable to manufacture and deliver presses according to special customer's requirements, even those very special ones, such as:
CTD boiler bottom presses
CJB and CTP presses for pressing of cement-fibrous plates
CZR coining presses
CTT tensioning presses
CDR assembly presses
CJU, CJUA, CJS powder thickening presses
CFP presses for screen
CTU presses for frames
COCI bending presses
CRVF straightening Presses
CFA alcoholizing Presses
CFN moulding Presses,
CRZJ trimming and straightening presses
CJKJ press for pressing of grinding discs,
Nitro-cellulose presses
Stamping presses
Presses for production of roofing materials,
Hops presses
and many others.

The production program of TS Plzeņ also includes reconstructions and modernizations of these presses