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Hydraulic radial curing presses

Hydraulic radial presses are a completely new generation of the curing presses developed at TS Plzeņ. The new presses are based on a fully original technical conception that represents a new, progressive components in the process of radial tyre production by its benefits and originality of technical solution. The hydraulic radial tyre curing presses TS Plzeņ essentially allow to customers to make the production process of radial tyres more efficient. Main advantages of new concept of Curing Presses are on this page.

Double-chamber hydraulic curing press RVL 66" of B-O-M system is designed for production of radial tyres in segment moulds. It is equipped with outer heating of moulds by steam heating platens and steam supply to the outer circuit of segment mould is provided simultaneously.

Main advantages of new concept of Curing Presses RVL

  • Unique design - B-O-M System
  • Low consumption of energy
  • Independent curing process in each chamber (as well as with different sizes of moulds)
  • High accuracy of mould guiding and green tyre loading
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • High reliability
  • Efficient control system
  • Short handling time
  • High quality thermal insulation of chambers
  • Possibility of double-chamber design also for bigger size of presses
  • Favourable Environmental parameters
  • Unique central mechanism for mould operating with fine admeasurements of position and with integrated pulling-out tyre mechanism.
  • Progressive charging of bladder with technological media
  • High speed heating of the press
  • New design of loading equipment with independent governing of each chamber and with precise green tyre loading
  • Original design of unloading equipment behind the press
  • Possibility of tyre cooling on the unloading equipment for one curing cycle
  • Possibility of connecting of device for evacuation of pollutant rising during curing process

Hydraulic radial press RVL 66"

Hydraulic radial press RVL 66"