About TS Plzen
Quality -ISO 9001

Modernizations, rebuilds and overhauls

TS Plzen carries modernizations, reconstructions. rebuilds ,overhauls and repairs of

  • hydraulic presses,
  • curing presses,
  • rolling mills
  • sugar mills

manufactured by TS Plzen and its legal predecessors - Skoda TS and Heavy Machinery Division of Skoda concern. TS Plzen carries also modernization, reconstruction. rebuild ,overhaul and repair of heavy machinery of above-mentioned types manufactured by other manufacturers.

TS Plzen implement reconstructions and modernisations according to the requirements and sketching of customers.

TS Pilsen specialists are always prepared to solve all technical problems and requirements of clients.

There is a possibility to apply to modernized and rebuilt presses the most modern solutions developed meanwhile by TS Plzen.

The modernized and rebuilt equipment have the same technical parameters as the brand new presses. They have a high control accuracy of technological parameters and the maximum reliability - all this at considerably lower price as compared to the purchase price of new presses. this is the result of the TS Plzeņ know-how relative to modernisation and reconstruction of existing heavy machinery.

As an example, in the area of rolling mills, TS Plzen carries the following typical modernization and refurbishing works:

  • Modernization of equipment of rolling mills with strip flatness measuring systems and/or including automatic strip flatness control system
  • Modernization of rolls exchange device
  • Modernization of entry and exit equipment and of other rolling mill accessories
  • Modernization of other mechanical equipment including delivery of new machines and/or units of equipment
  • Modernization of hydraulic systems
  • Modernization of electrical equipment and control systems including automatic data collection and communication with superior customer's systems