About TS Plzen
Quality -ISO 9001
Accessories, spare parts, custom manufacturing for hydraulic presses, rolling mills, tire curing presses, sugar mills

TS Plzeņ has at its disposal a large machine park, welding shop and necessary assembling shops enabling a complete production of various machines as well as technological sets according to technical requirements of customer including workshop assembly, tests and supply of all necessary certificates.

TS Plzen provides accessories, spare parts, custom manufacturing for

  • hydraulic presses,
  • curing presses,
  • rolling mills
  • sugar mills

made by TS Plzen and its legal predecessors - Skoda TS and Heavy Machinery Division of Skoda concern, as well as those made by other manufacturers.

TS Plzen works with a great number of renowned, mainly foreign partners in custom manufacturing of various types of equipment based on delivery of basic or detailed documentation.

As an example TS Plzen provides the following accessories, spare parts, custom manufacturing for its four main lines of production:

Accessories and spare parts for extrusion presses
TS Plzen provides complementing equipment for presses and run out sections, especially:

  • sawing machines
  • shears
  • coilers
  • stretchers for section bars
  • weighing and packing equipment
  • hydraulic drive and control system
  • electric control

Clamping systems for CKW hydraulic forging presses
TS Plzen can complement the clamping system of CKW press with four spring collet clamps. These clamps enable the clamping of the upper part of a die having its weight several times higher than is the weight of the upper swage.

The lower swage can slide on the forging table between two guiding plates and makes it possible to shift the swage across the transversal feed to the swage storage easily.

Forging plate is shifted by a hydraulic cylinder and its position is monitored with digital indication. For the forging of rings on a mandrel the plate is modified to clamp up two stands for bedding the forging mandrel.

Accessories and spare parts for curing presses
TS Plzen manufactures and supplies according to requirements of customers following accessories and spare parts for curing presses:

  • Loading and unloading equipment of the new conception customized and according to the conditions at the shop of customers.
  • Post Cure Inflators (PCI) in vertical and horizontal versions for the biggest tyres
  • Switch boarders

Control systems on the basis of hardware according to the requirements of customers with a possibility to be connected to a superior manufacturing system including data storage for data of the cure process

Spare Parts for sugarmills

TS Plzeņ a.s. offers complete scope of spare darts, for example:

  • Mill stands
  • Gear Boxes
  • Bearings
  • Pinions
  • Shafts
  • Mill Rollers and others.
Standalone machines and spare parts for rolling mills
TS Plzeņ manufactures and delivers standalone machines and/or equipment of rolling mils and strip lines as for example:
  • Coils feeding and unloading equipment
  • Strip payoff reels of various sizes and designs
  • Feed rollers, guide tables, conveyers, etc.
  • Transversal shears for strip cutting
  • Strip coilers and/or coiler drums
  • Straighteners for entry section of rolling mills and strip lines
  • Spare parts according to customer's requirement

Among top products of TS Plzeņ are payoff reels and coilers for cold strip rolled. Special design of coiler drums enables their use also for extremely high specific tensions. Appropriate design and quality of coiler drums guarantees high reliability and long life of equipment.

Production of machine parts according to customer's requirement
TS Plzen delivers, among others:

  • Continuous casting crystallizer
  • Strip coiler

Important deliveries especially for metallurgical industry have been realized with following customers:


Vöest-Alpine Industrieanlagebau


Tippins Inc.

Uralmash Metallurgical Eqiupment