About TS Plzen
Quality -ISO 9001
World-class heavy
machinery at good Czech price

TS Plzen (formerly Skoda TS) is a successor of a glorious 150 year tradition of heavy machinery manufacturing of the famous Skoda company. TS Plzen (formerly Skoda TS) manufactures huge machines - hydraulic presses, rolling mills, sugar mills, tyre curing vulcanizing) presses - in which only relatively few manufacturers in the world engage. The quality of TS Plzen heavy machinery is backed by:
 150 years of outstanding engineering tradition of
  Skoda company
 Experience in building large machines - 1700 large
  presses built
 Experience in hydraulic presses with pressure up
  to 12000 MT (120Mn)
 Equipment & assembly space of adequate size
  to build large machines
 Longevity of machines - 40 years and longer
 Qualified workers and engineers exposed to many
  decades of industrial tradition
ISO 9001 quality certificate    More...  

History of TS Plzen (formerly ©koda TS)
Customers of TS Plzen (formerly ©koda TS)

History of TS Plzen (formerly Skoda TS) dates back to 1859, when Count Wallenstein-Vartenberk set up a foundry and engineering works in Pilsen managed by an industrious engineer Emil Skoda, who eventually acquired it in 1869.The company has expanded fast, its projects and products have included:
  Suez canal sluices
  Niagara Falls power
  station piping
  Japanese Mikasa
  warship rudder frame
  tanks, cannons, guns
  aircraft (Avia)
 cars (Skoda Hispano
  & trolleybuses  
  nationalized in
  year 1945
 Creation in 1993 of
  Skoda TS a.s. as
  a separate company,
  fully-owned by Skoda 
  ©KODA TS was   acquired in year 2004 by
  ®eleziarne Podbrezová
  Renamed in year 2007
  to TS Plzeň a.s.

TS Plzen ( formerly Skoda TS) sells its products to over 20 countries Among buyers of its tire curing presses are such renowned and demanding tyre producing companies as:

  Continental -DE

  Michelin - F

  Michelin Mitas - CZ

  Michelin Siam - TH

  Michelin Stomil- PL

  Semperit -AT

  Alusuisse -CH /CZ

  Alcan -DE/ USA/CZ

  Alsthom - F

  APV Gmbh -DE

  Ponit Baustoffe -DE


  M.A.N Tatkraft -DE

  Kety Aluminium -PL

  Hutmen - PL

  Huta Batory - PL

  Skoda -CZ

  Vitkovice -CZ

  Kovohute -CZ

  Vagonka Tatra -CZ

  Tatra Trucks -CZ

  CKD -CZ    More...

 Why clients choose TS Plzen

  • 150 years Skoda tradition as a top European name in mechanical engineering
  • Excellent quality -price ratio
  • Satisfied clients worldwide
  • Safe, reliable machines, work 40 years and longer
  • Proven secure design, fine workmanship
  • Excellent references

       Hydraulic Curing Presses HVML

  New model for forming radial and diagonal
   tyres with natural, synthetic or steel cords
  Sizes 63,5" to 75", two chamber type
  Sizes 75" to 130",one chamber type
  New, improved HVML concept
  Safe operation, low energy use  More...

       Hydraulic radial curing presses RVL

  Double-chamber press for production of
   66" radial tyres in segment moulds.
  B-O-M system, safe and easy operation
  Outer heating of moulds by steam heating
   platens, better insulation, low energy use  
  High accuracy of mould guiding  More...

       Mechanical Tire Curing Presses

  Curing of radial and diagonal tyres with
   natural, synthetic or steel cords
  One-chamber type in sizes 75" to 130"
  Two-chamber type in 63,5" size
  Steam domes or heating platens
  Safe & easy operation.  More...

       Hydraulic extrusion presses CXP

  Direct & indirect extrusion of bars,
   sections & wires from aluminum
   & copper alloys
  Robust horizontal design, safe operation
  Integral solution of full production process
  Designed for full automation   More...

      Hydraulic extrusion presses CXT for tubes

Direct & indirect extrusion of tubes,
  hollows sections & bars - aluminium
  & copper alloys
Output up to 11 000 kg/h of Cu alloy
Safe, easy remote operation
Robust & reliable  

      Push-down open-die hydraulic forging presses CKV

Push down, open die forging, pressing force
 6,3 - 120 MN to forge steel & non-ferrous metals
Safe, rigid vertical four-column design
Suitable for workshops with shallow foundations
Hardened, rust-proof pistons   More...

      Pull-down closed-die hydraulic forging presses CKW

Pull down press, closed die forging, pressing
  force 6,3Mn -80Mn, vertical two column
Hammer forging of steel, non-ferrous metals,
  upsetting of ingots, piercing, hammer forging
  of semi-products, forging of rings.  More...

      Special hydraulic pressess

  CTD boiler bottom presses, CZR coining
  presses, CTT tensioning presses, CDR
  assembly presses, CTU presses for
  frames, COCI bending presses, CRVF
  straightening presses, CFA alcoholizing
  presses, nitro-cellulose presses, hops
  presses  More...

      Rolling mills

Reversible two-high rolling mills for
  non-ferrous strips hot rolling
Reversible & non-reversible two
  & four-high cold strip rolling mills
Slitting lines, shears

Modernizations, repairs, spares.  More...

      Sugar mills

Sugar cane mills 500-20,000 T
  cane /day, mills in 16 countries
Sugar cane unloading, preparation,   milling incl. drives, turbines,
  transmission gears
Turnkey, full service contracts
Standalone machines, repairs.   More...

      Modernization, rebuilds and overhauls

Technical parameters after modernization are
  same as those of new machines
Yet at substantially lower price than new ones
Also rebuilds machines of other manufacturers
According to client's needs, sketches.
Know-how, accuracy, quality  More...

      Accessories, spare parts, custom manufacturing

Custom & contract manufacturing of
  built-to-order parts; design, pre- and
  post-treatment services
Specializes in large parts & components
Well equipped shop, specialized
  machinery, qualified workers   More...